Livin’ The Dream’ Radio Interview

listenbigKim Billings in a Recorded Interview from April 09
Hosts: Leo Wisniewski, John Navin and Lauren Milligan
Here is a link to the Livin’ The Dream Site Archives:  Managing Employee Demands
Show Notes: Great show to determine your next area to improve your business growth. There are always going to be thoughts on how to lessen your work load, and a virtual assistant may be the way to go. Listen in and make your determination!


Benefits of Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing to virtual assistants has several advantages and all of them translate to dollars and cents adding up to the growth and profitability for your business.  Contracting with a virtual assistant gives you the flexibility to:
– Delegate tasks while controlling costs
– Access highly-skilled technical staff when necessary
– Increase the quality of services with new skills and technologies without internal investment
– Focus on new business strategies and critical services while satisfying current customers
– Develop new capabilities without huge investments in capital and time