If you find yourself facing a myriad of time consuming and redundant tasks which hinder your ability to focus on what you do best, outsourcing may be the solution for you.

Virtual Assistants providing Expert Administrative and Sales Support

OneSimus is an organization of administrative entrepreneurs joining forces virtually through the use of technology to make a difference; one business at a time.

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals who possess over 20 years of experience in providing administrative and sales support to individuals at varying levels within an organization in a variety of industries. From small entrepreneurial start-ups to medium-sized organizations, we have the experience and the skills to help you reach your goals with quality, consistency and excellence.

If you have a Need…We have a Solution!
At OneSimus we are committed to helping you build your business, strengthen your relationships and meet your goals through a variety of support services that will prove to be a valuable investment

Do what you do Best…Let go of the Rest!
* What is your pain?
* What deters you from reaching your goals?
* Do you lack systems which impede productivity?
* How can you best utilize your time?


Your Administrative Weaknesses are our greatest strengths.

  • General Admin Support
  • Project Management
  • Technical Related Services
  • Sales Marketing Support
  • Time and Expense Management
  • Office Automation/Organization

We are the conduit or the backbone of your organization.

  • Dedicated to the Profitability and Success of your organization
  • Dedicated to doing what’s right, professionally and ethically
  • Committed to providing solution-based services
  • Dedicated to developing a Plan of Action
  • Dedicated to giving you a Return On Your Investment, More Importantly Value on Your Investment
  • Dedicated to aligning ourselves with your goals

“Our professional responsibility requires us to be visionary thinkers in an effective and essential way.”

Whether the job is big or small, you will receive a consultative and client-focused approach. Through a personalized assessment and the deployment of a subsequent action plan, we will align ourselves with your goals and objectives so that you can achieve a return on investment and, more importantly, a realized value on investment within your business.

The OneSimus Philosophy


One Heart, One Mind, Focused on One Business… Yours!

We are dedicated to your profitability and success solely and we forge relationships based on these core beliefs:

  • Prayer – We believe each day is a gift and we make sure God is acknowledged
  • Positivity – We believe in a positive mindset
  • Perseverance – We believe you need a “heart to” not a “how to”
  • Prudence – We believe prudent decision making leads to further opportunity
  • Persistence – We believe in a persistent spirit of integrity, innovation and involvement
  • Patience – We believe that everything does or will work out for the good

Kim Billings - Founder and President of OneSimus

Kim Billings

Kim has 26 years of executive and administrative support in various industries from Sales and Marketing organizations to Real Estate and Residential & Commercial Contracting.  In 2007 Kim launched OneSimus Virtual Administration and has supported many small business owners with customer service, client and vendor relations, project and operations management.

Working with my clients has been a privilege and a joy.  I value strong partnerships where we can mutually learn and grow together. I believe by extending kindness, being humble and having integrity to do the right things, are building blocks to form strong bonds of trust and respect, resulting in healthful and life-giving connections.


"I’ve been working with Kim for over a decade.  I experienced tremendous benefits from working with her from day one.  Delegating some of my most sensitive and important communications with clients and prospects was smooth and effortless.  In time, Kim has become an integral part of my business growth and success.  I would not be where I am today without Kim’s support.  I am grateful for her flawless execution, her first-class support and her profound professionalism.  Kim has become more than an assistant, she is a partner and a friend.

Thank you for everything,

Jim Vaselopulos
Rafti Advisors

“I wish I had 10 Kim’s! She has excellent rapport with clients and when she receives constructive feedback, she implements it. Kim is always positive, friendly and warm. Her standards mesh with our core commitment to high standards of integrity, ethics, honesty, service excellence. Kim manages herself and is an absolute joy to work with. Though I celebrate Kim’s success she is missed very much as a part of the Peace of Mind VA team.”

Sue Kramer Harrawood
Founder and Virtual Assistant
Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance


OneSimus * dba/C.C.E. & Associates, Inc.
Virtual Administrative & Sales Support
25 Mohawk Drive
Clarendon Hills, IL 60514
Phone: (630) 706-1443
Fax: (630) 323-6365
E-Mail info@one-simus.com

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