The OneSimus Philosophy

hands-250One Heart, One Mind, Focused on One Business… Yours!

We are dedicated to your profitability and success solely and we forge relationships based on these core beliefs:

Prayer – We believe each day is a gift and we make sure God is acknowledged
Positivity – We believe in a positive mindset
Perseverance – We believe you need a “heart to” not a “how to”
Prudence – We believe prudent decision making leads to further opportunity
Persistence – We believe in a persistent spirit of integrity, innovation and involvement
Patience – We believe that everything does or will work out for the good

Team Members

kim1Kim Billings – Founder and President of OneSimus
Kim has 25 years of executive and administrative support in various industries, from Sales and Marketing organizations to Real Estate Development.  Kim has held positions ranging from Sales Assistant to VP of Operations.  Kim’s areas of expertise include:  customer service, client and vendor relations and operations management.  Her work with Executive level professionals has afforded her the opportunity to embrace the value of time, the need for organizational skills and the execution of efficient processes.

debbieDebbie Busch – Team Partner
Debbie has 20 years experience specializing in administrative support and operational management. In various industries, from Sales and Marketing to SAP Training and Education organizations. Debbie has held positions ranging from Executive Assistant to Operations Manager. Debbie’s areas of expertise include: customer service, increasing office productivity, and technical-related abilities. As a highly motivated person with a commitment to excellence, Debbie has a proven track record of surpassing job expectations and cultivating sustainable, respectful relationships.